Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A sporty week-end

Those who know me are aware I'm not such a sport addict - actually, after my last sport class in highschool, I promised to myself I would not do any sport anymore. Well, only fools never change their mind.

Last Saturday, I went for the first time to a water park called Serena and located in Espoo, close to Helsinki. I had a lot of fun there, in the pools and water slides. One of them was very special: after a short but quick slide, people are thrown in a large funnel open on a swimming pool. The feeling when entering it is quite amazing, you just can't control your fall and keep turning and turning until you end up in the hole... I also had a hammam and, for the first time, a "Finnish" sauna - which means, naked. I had never dared before, and my sense of modesty was not as shocked as I thought it would be ! I also had a dive in the 2°c pool afterwards, and when I left the place, I had never felt that clean before...

Then on Sunday morning, Mikko took me to the seaside for a walk. The place is called Aurinkolahti, "the Sun Bay", and it was just sunny enough to let me take some nice pictures. We had a long walk along the shores and in the woods around. A very nice neighbourhood indeed.

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  1. Ah j'adore Serena mais je connaissais pas ce que tu décris, je suppose que c'est une nouveauté, ca a l'air génial. Je suppose aussi que les bains extérieurs n'étaient pas ouverts... dommage.

    Jolies photos de la mer et des cygnes!