Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Obama's inauguration on Twitter

I've been for some months a twitter user. Today, I was watching Obama's inauguration, and at the same time following twitter users' live comments about it. Some of them were either funny, interesting or touching. Here is a sample of my favourites.
  • dweinberger: 3 joys: 1. We elected a black man. 2. We love that we did. 3. That man is Barack Obama.
  • Lee LeFever: I think this Obama guy might just make something of himself one day.
  • Joe Schmitt: I'm so jealous. Maybe someday this country will elect a white, heterosexual president & I can go to the inauguration.
  • D. Mahaffey: hasn't gotten any work-related emails in like 2 hours. Obama's already a drain on American productivity.
  • Joe Schmitt: Sarah Palin smugly turns to her husband & says, "I can't believe that guy. He can't even pronounce NU-CU-LAR. Idiot."
  • Angie (AWLN): Text from my mom: We're free of Darth Vader and his boy!
  • dweinberger: O's in office over 1 hour and we're still in Iraq, Gitmo's open, economic sux. And now we find out he's a lefty. I feel so cheated!
  • plagal: Dear Mr Obama: be a good Emperor & we'll tolerate u. Otherwise don't worry, we know the drill.
  • sanford: My lipread of Bush to Michelle "If you have any problems, just call."
  • jakejakob: Cheney's wheelchair prop says "I'm a frail old man. Don't even think about prosecuting me."
  • brazendan: Sat next to a man with tears in his eyes during #inaug09, he bought me a shot for his son Mark Maida who died in Iraq. He deserves change.
  • greggbanse: Dear Mr. President. I believe. And for what it's worth, count me in.
  • wadesmom: I'm guessing that George Bush is the second happiest man in the US today. He's going home.
  • lunarobverse: I do, in fact, think that Chief Justice Roberts needs to study up on that Constitution thing a bit. Maybe remedial school?
  • lexfortis: When do we get to the part where Pres. Bush hands Pres. Obama the White House keys?
  • eethann: so happy obama is president, but favorite quote of the day may be first mention of "former president george w bush" on cnn.
  • Ms_Krista: Look at these fools on the ice in the reflecting pool. Go on break a bone and see how long it takes to get your butt 2 a hospital
  • smenzer: "They were selling Obama condoms after the Lincoln Memorial event last night." http://is.gd/gAYh (expand) thank you BBC
  • annabutler: so i did swell up with tears... at least i wasnt the only one.
  • scottking: I'll admit it. I'll miss BUSH. Was never a fan of the over the top Bush-Bashing, but he was always entertaining to have around.
  • boldavenue: so after the parade where do all those millions of people go?
    platshaw: "How does Barack Obama come to Washington? Does he come in a sleigh or something?" - my 3 year old son, while watching #inaug09 together
  • victoriapk (Victoria Potts Keale): Obama makes me feel like the small things I can do for my neighbors will actually make a difference. Thanks, Mr. Pres.
  • jerimrl:So just which president was the formidable bulletproof glass barrier there for?
  • Lee LeFever: George Bush's helicopter isn't powered by gas, but relief.
...and as an extra, you might have a look at "Lame Bush" last tweets; whatever your political views, they are hilarious.

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