Thursday, 10 May 2012

Iron Sky in England only for ONE DAY??? I say no!

 Remember, some time ago, I reviewed a very special Finnish movie called Iron Sky.  A very ambitious project, with the biggest budget for a Finnish movie ever. They asked every public support to make it, and when that was not enough, they used crowd sourcing and collected support from tons of individuals around the world. A feat in itself in this small country.

Plus, it's also one of the most daring movies I saw. A story where Nazis come back to invade Earth. A crazy plot with a crazy humor, but it works, it does. An alien in today's cinema, definitely, a unique experience.

And then, while the movie was made in English, the UK distributor wants to put Iron Sky in UK theaters for *just one day*, 23.5., and then never again.  With all the crap that sticks to theater screens for weeks on end, when one movie is a bit out of the ordinary, they won't let anyone discover it.
So the producers said : "bollocks".  And I agree. Something should be done.  And we all can do it. Everything is explained in this blogpost. It's a matter of spreading another kind of culture - and enjoyment too. Share, and act.


  1. Another kind of culture? Nazis in space is part of the Finnish culture? All I see in the online trailers is that it rips off a bunch of American movies and the scenes with live actors look like a Finnish soap. I don't see why this particular Finnish movie should get the special treatment abroad. Just because it's a big budget production doesn't give it precedence.

    1. Eh eh, I was expecting your comment :)

      I did not mean "another kind of national culture" but rather "another kind of movie culture". I don't know if it's the only of its kind but it's definitely not so often on screen, this kind of movie. And it's not about giving it precedence but rather about giving it a chance - because one day only, and a Wednesday, it's not really any chance at all. As for "this particular movie", it's probably not the only one that's not given a fair chance when it deserves it, but it's the only one I saw and had a chance to support.

  2. I do not understand how somebody (Sanjuro) can say something like that this movie without seeing it. I and my wife liked it.