Wednesday, 24 June 2009

L'été est là ! / Summer is here !

Après deux semaines de pluie, l'été a décidé d'arriver exactement le jour où il devait être là: à partir du 21 juin, il a commencé à faire beau. Et ça va encore continuer, paraît-il. Regardez-moi ça: ça donne pas envie ?

After two weeks of rain, summer decided to arrive exactly on the day it was supposed to be here: since June 21st, the weather has been beautiful. And they say it's going to last for a while. Look at the forecast up there: isn't it great ?


  1. you call that summer? :P

  2. Yes we call that summer!! It's even helle (heat wave in english / canicule in french)as we go over 25 degrees. We should even go over 30 this weekend!

    Jipii, summer has come!

  3. Ana: it's certainly not as hot as I expect a Portuguese summer to be, but since I can't stand temperatures over 30°, I'm not jealous :P