Friday, 26 March 2010

Earth Hour, le retour / Earth Hour again

Je vous en parle juste à temps: l'Earth Hour, c'est déjà demain !

Je vous en avais déjà parlé l'année passée, je remets le couvert cette fois-ci. Participez avec nous à cet événement ! Pendant une heure, samedi soir 27 mars de 20h30 à 21h30, éteignez vos lumières pour montrer que vous soutenez les mesures d'économie d'énergie et trouvez important de lutter contre le réchauffement climatique. Une heure à la bougie, pour notre bonne vieille Terre ! C'est peut-être bien le moment d'aller coucher tôt d'ailleurs, vu qu'on perd une heure cette nuit-là...

Et auparavant, n'oubliez pas de vous inscrire sur les sites régionaux de cette initiative, afin d'ajouter un petit point aux statistiques qui, nous l'espérons, tiendrons compte de la volonté populaire. Vous y trouverez aussi la liste des activités organisées près de chez vous !

Allez, un petit vote pour la Terre :D

Le site belge

I'm mentioning it just on time: the Earth Hour, it's tomorrow !

I had already talked about it last year, I'm advertising it again now. Take part in that event along with another billion concerned humans ! For one hour, on Saturday 27 March from 20.30 to 21.30, switch off your lights to show your interest in energy savings and global warming. One hour in candle lights, for our dear Earth ! And Europeans might want to take that chance to go to bed early since we're losing one hour that night...

Beforehand, don't forget to go and register yourself on the website for Earth Hour in your country or region, so you'll add a little more weight to the figures of people who care. You'll also find there the list of activities taking place close to you on that occasion.

Go and vote for the Earth !

Earth Hour international website


  1. I think I can describe myself as someone who is quite concerned by all the environmental issues and who tries his best to save energy whenever possible, but when they talk about this Earth Hour the one word that comes to mind is "bullshit".

    Pardon my French but: symbol, my ass! This is just all pointless and hypocritical. If you want to save energy, you do it all year long, not just one hour a year. Some people taking part in this probably think they did their share for the environment and then they can waste all year long. It gives good conscience to a whole bunch of good-for-nothing people, like my flatmate. I can't believe she sent me a Facebook invitation to this! For lighting her living room and her bedroom, she uses some electric chandelier that works with 6x40 watts lamps. 240 watts in every room, sometimes both at the same time! I just use a 8 watts energy-saving lamp in comparison. So I consume 30 times less power than her just for my lighting.

    Go to Prisma, and you'll see a staggering number of lights inside the mall and the buildings nearby (Fazer, etc) which stay on all night long providing light to... absolutely nothing! They waste so much energy everywhere that this Earth Hour is the biggest joke of them all. "Yeah, we do it for one hour, we turn off the lights, not really because we actually care but because it makes us look like if we did and gives us something to talk about. Anything to entertain us just a little while!"

  2. I totally agree on that, but like every symbol, it's just a symbol. I keep the lights and other electric devices off as soon as I don't need them, but I can't go around and tell everyone: you should do the same. At least for one day every year, I have a chance to indirectly tell them all: "look around ! do we need all this energy ?" That's exactly what you did in your comment: point at that crazy waste.

    One must be pretty stupid to think they might not care all year long and make it up just for one hour, and of course there are a big bunch of stupid people around who'll do just that. But there also are a bit less stupid ones that will be triggered to look around and make some changes for the rest of the year. If a single hour in the dark (with all the advertising that comes with it) and my modest blog article can do that, it'll be worth it.

  3. coucou, je veins de tomber sur ton blog par l'intermédiaire de miss pouki sur livraddict. Il se trouve que nous avons le même template (je ne savais pas) et après moultes bidouillages, je n'arrive pas à configurer la date. J'ai pourtant suivi ce qui était indiqué, et ca ne fonctionne pas...

    J'aimerais savoir comment tu as fait.

    Merci! ^^