Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Finland is like a Mac, the U.S. is like Windows

I recently came across an old article on "Finland for thought", a blog kept by Phil, a U.S. citizen living in Finland. Among a lot of very interesting articles, this one, published in 2008, compares Finland to a Mac and U.S. to Windows, with very interesting parallels. Now that's why I am using a Mac and I moved to Finland, I guess  :)  You'll find the blog entry on that page, and you might as well have a look at the whole blog while you're at it: he's writing about Finland much better than I do, I'm afraid...

I got my first Mac a couple months ago (I’m hooked) and found that life with a Mac is a lot like life in Finland – Here goes…
Mac-Finland is small, almost like an exclusive little club. A very proud club, maybe even a bit snobbish – they know they are the best in the world, and look down upon others who aren’t part of Mac-Finland – very self-involved, everything is i-this, i-that, i, me, and i.
All the colors in Mac-Finland are white – just white, white, off-white, and pale-white (or other cold colors like silver). And everything in Mac-Finland has a clean layout (cleanest in the world!), slim features, and can often have a very, very sexy design.
People like Mac-Finland cause it’s safe, easy, and there aren’t too many problems. Studies have shown that the people of Mac-Finland have the best education on the planet. Everyone boasts how great and perfect Mac-Finland is, but people in Mac-Finland know that’s not exactly the case.
Mac-Finland’s leader is quite popular in Mac-Finland.
Unfortunately, Mac-Finland is not too fond of outsiders, it only allows their own offshoots to work within Mac-Finland. When you visit a Mac-Finland store, your options are limited, however their products are safe and guaranteed to work well – which is great if only everything wasn’t so FUCKING EXPENSIVE!! Mac-Finland will make you a poor man. But be careful, cause once you migrate to Mac-Finland, you’ll love it so much you’ll never move back!
So of course, living in the states is a lot like using Windows…
Windows-USA is big, real big! The complete opposite of Mac-Finland, they allow virtually anyone to make it in their club, giving those in Windows-USA many options, while making everything really inexpensive. But Windows-USA constantly requires you to upgrade, don’t fall behind on that or else things can become really sluggish for you.
You’ll find many colors, shapes, and sizes the Windows-USA. But Windows-USA doesn’t have a clean design like Mac-Finland, it’s often very bloated and congested. Hackers love to hack into Windows-USA, viruses love to spread around it, and Windows-USA is in relentless need of security updates.
Windows-USA are the leaders of the world, although their leaders are constantly getting themselves in a lot of trouble, making Windows-USA always on the brink of imploding upon themselves. Millions think Windows-USA is the root of all evil.
Windows-USA is ruled by a notorious evil bastard.
People like Windows-USA because of all the freedom and variety, unfortunately all that variety doesn’t work well with one another and causes Windows-USA to crash – and if you crash, it be really expensive for you to fix!
…what else am I missing? :-)

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