Friday, 14 September 2012

Need a bit of help when learning Finnish?

I have not given up on learning Finnish, although I don't have much time to spend on it and I do not take any courses anymore. Yet I keep opening my books now and then, and I try to remember what I have been told months and years ago.

The problem though is, without support from an actual teacher, some issues are tricky to understand. Recently I came across a blog written by a Finnish language teacher.  She offers random Finnish lessons, providing an overview of some tricky grammatical issues, offering lists of useful vocabulary, or advertising some interesting resources for learning the language.  The blog is just a month old, but the author Hanna has already gone through several points I found very useful in my own learning. Her blog entries are short and easy to understand, and she is available for answering questions left in comments. This blog has quickly become one of my favourite learning supports.

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  1. Hop, dans mon reader, merci pour le lien ! Si tu en as d'autres, je suis preneuse :)