Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Belgian jokes

My last blogpost, in French, was about the political situation in Belgium. Something that looked like a bad joke this last year, but could possibly finish with a good end.  I don't really want to write it all in English and it's awfully boring anyway, so I might tell my English readers about something a little more funny about my country.

In France, those jokes that involve the typical dummy are called "Belgian jokes" and of course, that dummy is a Belgian citizen.  I suppose it comes with the fact of being a small country next to a proud neighbour and having a different (actually, many differents) accent(s). Sometimes it can be laughed out, sometimes it's not very funny.  And sometimes, I wonder if my people just don't deserve it.

Consider. Today started the trial of a nasty criminal, a quiet and friendly father who murdered three young people and raped one. Of course it's making frontlines, of course a lot of journalists try to take pictures of that guy's face while he's entering the Court Hall, and of course policemen try to prevent them.  Only those policemen's best idea is to hide his face with... well... a porn magazine. Which in turn is making the frontlines. Isn't it so ridiculous that it could be made into a joke?

Another story: that guy who tried to commit suicide today by burning himself alive (someone should have told him that there was no government to overthrow!). Only he didn't manage to kill himself - but he did manage to burn four houses in the process. If it didn't involve a desperate man and four families out of home, it could be a perfect scenario for a Mister Bean short movie.
Sometimes life looks a little like a cartoon.  So... 
That's all, folks ! 

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