Saturday, 6 June 2009

Ten things you didn't know about orgasm

No, this is not a dirty video. It's scientific. It's a presentation by a writer called Mary Roach during a TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference. There you learn a serie of pieces of information about orgasm (not only human) which are probably not going to change the face of Earth, but very entertaining nevertheless:
  1. You can have orgasm in-utero.
  2. You don't need genitals.
  3. You can have them when you're dead.
  4. Orgasm can cause bad breath...
  5. ...and cure the hiccups.
  6. Doctors once prescribed orgasm for fertility...
  7. ...pig farmers still do.
  8. Female orgasm is more fun than you think.
  9. Studying human orgasm in a lab is not easy...
  10. ...but it sure is entertaining.
Just watch this, it's pretty fun. I'm afraid I didn't manage to embed the video properly in my narrow diary page, but if you're missing some parts of it, just go and see it on the original website.

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