Monday, 31 January 2011

The cutest cat in the world

Those who know me are aware that I'm a cat lover. They represent in my eyes the perfect kind of pet : they are beautiful, happy in a house or in an apartment, clean and independant enough to stand being alone for a while, as soft and cute as teddy bears, and contrary to dogs who usually show a relentless love for their master, they display enough character to make every tender move, however common, a very strong emotional moment.

I've had home cats before, but those were wild cats (a mother and her daughter) who enjoyed the presence of humans but would not come too close. I also adopted a cat five years ago, a proud and yet tender little male, but I had to leave him to my parents when I came to Finland - both because he was used to a free life he couldn't enjoy with me, and because my family had turned crazy about him.

So since I've been in Finland, I have hosted cats for friends whenever needed, but for months (or even years) I wanted my own. It took me ages to convince Mr Bear, who loves felines as well but was, I think, afraid of the responsibility. But I did it.

After a long and careful search, we set up our minds on a cute little girl who, at the time, was only one month old : Marie Christie (to be renamed), a Silver Blotched Tabby Norwegian Forrest cat. I loved her looks on pictures but we didn't have a chance to visit her since the cattery were she was born was rather far from Helsinki. However, Mr Bear and I had a very good contact with her breeder, Kati ; we knew she was raised in a loving and very caring family and that was what mattered most.

Yet, before meeting her, I had no idea that she would overfulfill my wishes to that extent. I was hoping for a cute little cat, who would come to trust us and spend some time close to us, a companion whose trust and love we would have to deserve. What we received is a little beauty who loved us from the first sight, shows it off shamelessly, is curious and tender with everyone, and steals my heart with each of her glances.

She loves being carried in arms and purrs loudly whenever we touch her. She sleeps on our bed, on our laps, or as close to us as she can. She is joyful and takes a fancy for every toy we throw at her. She is curious and has not had enough with 24 hours to visit our 50 square meters big apartment. She doesn't scratch anything and keeps herself as clean as a shiny new coin. She is usually silent and we hear her purring about ten times as much as we hear her cute little mewling. She's sociable and didn't fear another cat we presented her, although twice bigger than her. She's clever, learns quickly and will amuse herself with anything. We had a four hours long drive to take her home and all along she was as quiet and nice as an angel.

I didn't know a cat could be so perfect, I honestly have never met one (although some came rather close to perfection, let's admit it!). I don't know what part of this is her own character and what part comes from the incredible amount of love, care, caution, affection and tenderness she got from Kati and her family ; I would think most of her qualities come from the perfect childhood she had so far, for her sisters shared them. Those cats have never experienced a single hard moment in their life ; as far as Marie Christie is concerned, I intend to keep it that way.

You will find here pictures from her at the cattery, and here the pictures we took since she arrived home yesterday.


  1. Elle est vraiment très très mignonne !

  2. Me is melting from too much cuteness ^^
    I'm dying to see her!

  3. It's the end of a long road ! Congradulations Miss !

  4. Oui bravo pour la persévérance, ça en valait la peine. Elle est effectivement très mignonne (les grandes oreilles lui vont très bien) et a l'air d'avoir bon caractère. N'as-tu pas eu de réaction allergique ?

    Mon chat de 8 ans n'est pas aussi sociable, il n'aime pas être porté ou venir sur les genoux. Comme ce n'est pas à un vieux singe qu'on apprend à faire la grimace, je ne vais pas trop insister pour ne pas l'embêter : il est comme ça, on ne pourra pas le changer. C'est un chat qui a été trouvé près d'une route, ça lui prend du temps pour faire confiance et il se méfie toujours un peu. Mais il est mignon aussi et se laisse caresser quand même... surtout quand il a faim :D